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Logging in to Facebook using Web Asssistant

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    • By -dp-
      I'm trying to upload a new solution to FMS. When I attempted to connect using the saved credentials, it threw the error "Invalid name/password. Please try again." Unfortunately, the login pane was grayed out, so I could not make any changes. So, I went into Keychain Access and deleted the credentials. Now, there are no saved credentials, but I am still unable to access the login pane. I see my server in Local Hosts, the IP address is correct, and I can access the Admin Console. But I can't log in to upload. I have managed to lock myself out of my own server. How embarrassing is that?
      FMS 16
      FMPA 16
      MacOS Sierra
    • By Stickybeak
      Just upgraded to FMP 16.
      Now when I try to log into my solution as an admin by hitting the option key I just go straight into the solution.
      Unfortunately I go straight in as low level user and not as an admin so there doesn't seem to be an easy way to fix this than I can think of.
      Any suggestions?
    • By Timothy Ackerman
      Hey folks,
      Is there a way to change the Re-login[] dialog box that pops up so that instead of "Account Name:", it says "Account Email"?
      I've tried using 'show custom dialog' script steps for already added account logins, and that works with one exception.  When they client forgets their password, and we go into security and change the password, and then "require new password" is checked.  When the client logs in to change their password, it isn't requiring it and the clients new password is stuck at whatever we changed it to.  
      So from that experience, I went back to the default "Re-login[]" script step.   
      So, really, what I'm trying to do is figure out one or the other option here.  Make a 'show custom dialog' box that will allow 'require password change' on next login, OR, change the Re-login default field description from "Account Name" to "Account Email".

    • By Nathaniel Hurt
      Has anyone been able to scrape facebook for posts? Is there a successful or better approach other than using webviewer to grab html? 
    • By GisMo
      I have created a webclip for iOS with a FMP Url with the format FMP://username:password@myserver.com/mydatabase.fmp12
      I have the extended privilege set to:  fmreauthenticate0 to make testing easy
      upon first launch, it works correctly. When I press the home button on the device.. I wait 10 seconds and then I launch from the URL/Webclip I am prompted for login credentials(This shouldnt be because I am passing the credentials in via the URL. If I press cancel as the login screen, it seems to work just continue as it should with the login credentials. I am getting some complaints and confusion from the users about it. 
      How do I fix this?

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