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FileMaker Pro on FileMaker Server Server

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RyanESmith7    0

Is it OK if I install FileMaker Pro on my FileMaker Server? We are running FMS13 on a Windows 2012 Server (Standard). I was thinking of putting FileMaker Pro 13 on the server so that I could open up backups on occasion. Do they co-exist well?


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Josh Ormond    89

According to the FMS 13 Getting Started Guide: 


If you are currently running FileMaker Pro on the same machine, you must quit FileMaker Pro 

before installing FileMaker Server.




I don't know if its good or bad, I have never had a need to install FM Pro or Advanced on the server machine.

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IdealData    23

Yes. But DO NOT open the backups directly.

Instead make a COPY of the backup you want to investigate. Don't just drag the backup elsewhere you must make a COPY. This is due to the way the backups are generated using HARD LINKS

I do it my myself but for other reasons.

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jlamprecht    2

Hi Ryan,


I don't believe there will be a problem with installing Pro on the Server machine.


Josh's reply relates to the installation process for FileMaker Server. Always close open Pro/Advanced applications during the installation process.


Also, if you plan to use FileMaker Pro for debugging purposes in addition to opening the backups, grab Advanced instead.


Hope this helps



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Josh Ormond    89

Josh's reply relates to the installation process for FileMaker Server. Always close open Pro/Advanced applications during the installation process.


hehe...yeah. The reference was simply to show that Pro can be installed on the same machine.


IdealData - Great clarification.

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First, never have both open at the same time.


Second, it is possible, perhaps even likely, the FileMaker Pro will behave abnormally running on the Server OS.  However, it likely is possible to install it.


Third, pay very close attention to the comments about the backups.  Never open the backup on the machine.  Always make a copy of that backup and open the copy if need be.  You can copy it to another location on the same server machine.



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