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I am developing a database for measurements of samples.  


Each sample has one or more measurements.


Each measurement has one or more work items


When a sample arrives I add one or more measurements to the sample.


For each measurement I copy work items to a table "Work items in a sample" and for this record I log start time and also time when the work item in sample is finished and the result for the work item.


I have a list of work items in sample which are not finished and every time each work items in sample is finished I update the list.


So if a measurement has 5 work items in sample and 2 are finished I only see 3 in the list.  


I want to see in a popover all work items in sample to compare the results of the finished with the unfinished.


When I create a portal in the popover and try to show records from work items in sample the work items in sample table is grayed out.


I have tried to make a self-join "Work items in sample::id" = "Work items in sample::id" but I only get one work item in sample


The popover shows correct sample number and measurement name in each record.


Hope you understand my problem.


Best regards from windy Iceland.


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