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[Technique] Setof_Print_Vlight.fp7 And Setof_Print_V1.fmp12

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Agnès    6

Setof_Print_Vlight.fp7 And Setof_Print_V1.fmp12


Here is a file that allows
- To have a foot in the final page, the very end of the last page.
- To manage page breaks and reorganize its document

the version fp7 it is the "ligth" version, the version fmp12 ( you will find here ) adds the ability to make pdf via a "robot filemaker" with WebDirect and go

one can easily transpose it into any database.
Do not hesitate to create records, test and tell me any bugs or curiosity. The file is opened 100%
and any feedback is welcome!

v9 - v14 Compatible.



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