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drjonesx    0

Hello everybody

I'm trying to convert number to text en dutch but it doesn't work

i had some problem with the calc field when i m trying ( some are good but other doesn't work)

is there someone that can help me to resolve this little problem cose i m not a dutch person ;)

I join the file that i made to be more clear

In advance thanks u

cardinal2txt NL.fmp12

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dwdata    16

Hey drjonesx,

Don't know Dutch, but do know FileMaker ;oP

I took an old custom function and converted it for you. It may need a bit of debugging and far as language, but the numbers portion is pretty solid. I have it in a custom function for English and Dutch. I, also, included a NON custom function version in case you do not have FileMaker Advanced. Between them all you should be able to solve your issue.

Hope this helps!

Don Wieland
DW Data Concepts

cardinal2txt NLv2.fmp12

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drjonesx    0

Thanks dwadata for trying to help me

but it s that the problem i need a dutch person cose in dutch some number are write in other way that english

for example when u write in english 23 u set the twenty the the three in dutch u set forst the three the the twenty :(


So that s way i m not arrive to do it cause i m not speak this language :( Grrrr

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