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Two conditional value lists

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FileMaker Advanced 11 question.

I have two separate conditional value lists in one layout showing Provinces, Districts and PostalOffices.

One shows the provinces in one country and is linked: Table1::OrginalProvince = Provinces::Province.

The Province table has following attributes: ID, Province, District and PostOffice

Then I have another conditional value list showing the Districts (with related values only)

And finally I have conditional value list showing the PostalOffices (with related values only). This works ok.

I used this method: http://www.teamdf.com/weetbicks/24/conditional-value-lists-pt-1-what-are-they-how-to-build-them 

My problem is that I want to have identical value lists showing the same attributes but with different relationships: Tabel1:DifferentProvince=Provinces::Province.

But when I make those conditional value lists the second conditional value lists seems to use the first relationship ??

So in the first conditons (dropdownlist) for OrginalProvince I select "Cabo Delgado" for OrginalProvince, then I get a list of districts for "Cabo Delgado" in OrginalDistricts (dropdownlist), when I choose "Balma" for OrginalDistricts then I get a list of OrginalPostalOffice (dropdownlist)

What happens in the second set of drop down list is that when I choose "Maputo" for DifferentProvince then I get a list of districts for "Cabo Delgado" in the DifferentDistricts (dropdownlist) ??

Any idea what is causing this behavior? I use two different relationships for the conditional value lists.





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