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David Zakary

SuperContainer / DocuBin & FM14

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Wondering what the status of SuperContainer and DocuBin are for use with FileMaker 14?

Been trying to get them configured on my dev FMS14 machine without a lot of luck yet.


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Yes I did. Thanks to Michael we got it up and running. A tweak to the DocuBin file and some of the SuperContainer settings was required.

Thanks again Michael.

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    • By Aad V
      We have deployed SuperContainer in a large corporate set up. Upon upload, no problems for anyone. 
      Upon download some users (only!) are experiencing that the filename changes to a number (the number of the folder that SuperContainer stores the file in). How can I rectify that so that the file keeps it actual filename?
    • By Keawe
      I installed supercontainer on my Windows server at aws Amazon. I also installed the companion plug-in. It shows up on Filemaker Pro no problem. But it doesn't show on webdirect. Any idea?
      Here is my configuration:
      - FMS 15, Windows 2016 server. 
      - SuperContainer 2.94, build 9234.
      - I have the companion plugin put inside "..\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\cwpc\Plugins".
      - The plug-in I use is "SuperContainer_Companion_Plugin.fmx64".
      P.S.: I will send an email to 360works. But just want to post it here so we can all share the solution. Thanks.
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      Has anyone had the following issue and might have a quick fix. I migrated client files from FM Server 13 residing on Mac Server to FM Server 14 residing on Windows Server. All went very well except one thing, which i would be grateful if someone could help me on.   PREVIOUS STATE   - The client had his files hosted on OX platform and with FileMaker 13 Server. - There is a container field in the records that would contain pdf files, these are 1 or more pages document files. - When the user dragged the file into the container field it would display as page thumbnail BOTH on Mac and Windows.   AFTER THE MIGRATION TO WINDOWS SERVER   - files still display thumbnails when dragged on MAC - the files are displaying FILE ICON when dragged into the container on WINDOWS.   Tech boards are suggesting that Windows can not insert the file as picture into the FM container field, but there it happened before. Does anyone have any isight on this behaviour, is it documented anywhere? Thank you
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      I'm looking to create a script and place it in a button to exist on two layouts (BACKUP and MAIN), to accomplish the following when activated from either layout:
      Copy current ACCTNUMBER
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      then go to BACKUP layout and show the same ACCTNUMBER record.
      else if
      current layout is BACKUP
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      Hi Guys,
      I am having trouble with Find Operation getting slower and slower each day. There are some design consideration as per some articles i have read recently which i will be doing as well.
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      I know its not the best of designs, i wanted to ask for any possible improvement to Find process as its getting clumsy now.
      I have indexed relevant fields though, data in the table isn't huge, around 2000 records with 50 fields but Find is based on unstored calculation fields mainly.
      Can PSOS be used in Find Operation? 
      Is there any other thing i must do at the beginning.
      Thanks much,

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