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Printing Columns with large text blocks

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SarahS    0

I have a solution with a text field that has a varying amount of text stored in it for each record.  I am working on a print layout using two columns to print the records found set of this text field.  As it is currently designed, if the text in the last record in a column is too long to be displayed in the column, it gets chopped versus wrapping.  I have found multiple postings regarding this topic from 2008-2009 time frame, but don't see anything current. 

If I compiled the information into a variable and then split it up based on a character count, would that work or does anyone have suggestions on how to print multiple column layouts for large text blocks across a found set of records?  I could also send the records to a temporary table & split the large text blocks up there for printing, but think that would make the printing operation/script take a lot of time, especially considering usage on iOS.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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    • By surgite71
      Greetings and thanks for giving this a look!

      I am rebuilding a client's database that was done formerly in PHP. I'm now using FM 16 Pro Advanced. There is one print layout I'm having trouble recreating.
      There are a number of data fields the realtors fill out...some get filled in, other times some don't. In addition it needs to print the name of the data field then the data itself, so for instance "Construction  Stick Built". I've figured out how to go through and print only the fields (and their labels) that have data. The issue I have is with the spacing in the columns.
      In the attached photo, you can see that each label/data line is neatly organized in a column so that the space between the label and the data is consistent all the way down the column. It's not centered, and it's not justified...it calculates for each row of data, how much space is needed in that row to line everything up.
      Would I need to determine how wide the column is, and then calculate how long the combo of the field name and data is (with that nice separator space in between them) and then use that to space everything? Seems like a lot of calculations going on but maybe that's what needs done?

      I also need to figure out if the data will require it being in 1 column or using a 2 column like the one in the picture. I believe I can figure that out...it's this 2-column alignment/spacing that's got me tied up.

    • By Enigma20xx
      I'm trying to collect the correct answers from a test exam.
      For example, 35 questions, a, b or c as possible answers.
      I've made a script with a variable into a loop that collects the data such as: $Var [ question number & "space" & correct answer & "carriage return" & $Var ].
      With it I get something like this:
      1. a)
      2. c)
      3. a)
      4. c)
      5. a)
      6. a)
      Is there a way I could make this appear in columns?
      1. a)     4. c)   ...
      2. c)     5. a)
      3. a)     6. a)
      1. a)     3. a)     5. a)     ...
      2. c)     4. c)     6. a)
      Thank you.
    • By michael.j.trudel
      Here is what I am doing from an excel spreadsheet

      Record 1

      Program XXX

      Staffing Requirements

      Jan Feb Marc Apr May June Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
      1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1,0 1,1 1,1 .9 .9 .9 .8 .7


      .7 .4 .5 .5 .9 .8 .9 .5 .5 .5 .6 .5 Employee 111
      .5 .8 .7 .7 .1 1.1 .2 .4 .4 .4 .2 .2 Employee 222

      So it adds up to the requirements.

      I then want to pull an employee report that shows all the programs and total hours they are needed for. Woudl also like to pull program reports

      Can somebody get me started?
    • By recidivist
      Hi all

      I'm sorry if this is really obvious or the wrong place to post this, but I have been having a real frustration with FM Pro databases recently. I am editing my website databases using ODBC. As I tend to edit fields en masse, I use the "view as table" browse mode. In a lot of my columns, the fields I have contain more data than the column width will show. So I've tried adjusting the column width, but it won't let me. I've used the drag to resize function, and the right click and set column width one, but in both cases my column width remains the same. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to set them? I've looked through all the help info, forums and googled the problem but have got nowhere.

      I took a screengrab, but the arrow one didn't show up. I'm attaching the right click one.

      Thanks for any help.

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