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Print two tables on one report

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I've created a database that automatically complies an invoice for time worked. I'm loving how it's working.

When trying to generate a report I need the report to include two sets of information (from two different tables), ideally in two separate parts:

- TimeCard table
- Reimbursements table

Both tables are linked to a primary table called Invoicing by the InvoiceID.

Creating a report that displays the information individually is easy - I select either the TimeCard or Reimbursements table the Layout Setup window, set to view as list, place the desired fields within the body part setup, and bam.

Is there a way to do this without the use of a portal to display the second set of information? Ideally the report resizes itself based on how much related data is being displayed. I don't want to account for 10 portal rows to display related reimbursements if there are no reimbursements.

Thanks :)

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This is a well-known problem.

The easy solution is to use a portal (as you did) and set it to slide up. That will remove any unused portal rows.

The "correct" solution is to use a printing table, where both TimeCards and Reimbursements will be sibling records. You can populate such table either by importing or using a "virtual list".

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