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Cannot Load Main Spelling Dictionary Error

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Hi, I work for a small company as the IT guy and have just taken on the role as the in house Filemaker developer. We have FMS14 running with 9 hosted databases which from what i can tell have been around since the dawn of time. The company started with FM7 I think and the databases have been modified since then. The clients are running Win 10 Enterprise 64 bit or Win 7 Pro 32/64 bit with FMP 14 update 3.313 and 3 pc's running FMPA 14 with update 4.406. We have recently (This week) started receiving the error 'Cannot load main spelling dictionary'. It happens either when you load a database or it can be at some point when your using the database, I cannot get it happen on command. We use WSUS for central update management but the error was occurring before I approved this weeks updates.


I have disabled the dictionaries in file options but the error is still occurring. I've tried the databases locally and it still brings up the error.


Can anyone offer any advice?


Thanks George

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All of the suggestions i have seen are to remove and reinstall FileMaker.

Google "Filemaker cant load dictionary"

I just recently received this error for the first time and am attempting to troubleshoot it myself

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It was solved in the end as our virus protection (bitdefender) thought filemaker was a threat so we had to add it to the exceptions list, as shown below

exclusions - detailed.png

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Thanks physixz,

Finally an answer that seems to provide a solution. This error has bugged me for years.  

Thanks so much for sharing


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