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My client has not been able to update the files on her devices recently.  The MirrorSync script currently on her devices was created with version 2.40510 (last updated 6/1/2015).  The MirrorSync version on the server is  2.505 (running FM 14 Server).  She is currently running the files in FileMaker 12 & the Go 12 app due to an issue last year with synchronizing from FileMaker 13.

I see the current MirrorSync version is 2.6.  What sequence would be best to avoid compatibility issues and to get her using at least the Go 14 App (or Go 15), the server to MirrorSync 2.6, and the files on her devices to have a MirrorSync script with the current version?

Thank you!

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MirrorSync 2.6 is backwards compatible all the way to 2.0, so you can upgrade the server to 2.6 without affecting your existing users.

Once you've upgraded the server, re-run the configuration to re-paste the MirrorSync scripts.

After that's done and whenever it's convenient for your users, they can sync their old version, throw it away, then download the new version and sync with that.

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Thank you very much for the helpful & timely response.  I'm really thankful the upgrade can be very simple for my users.

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