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Creating a Fundamental FileMaker Go Layout - Layout Sizing

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Skeleton Key


Creating a Fundamental FileMaker Go Layout - Layout Sizing

This is the second blog post in a series about Creating a Fundamental Layout for use in FileMaker Go. The goal of this series is to offer practical advice and specific instructions for creating FileMaker Go layouts that look and act the way you, and your users, expect.

Today we'll be covering Layout Sizing.

Sizing a FileMaker Go layout is based on the idea of being able to Scroll Lock your layout. I cover the explanation and importance of this concept in my previous post of this series, Understanding Scroll Lock. In short, scroll lock is when the objects in a layout are contained within vertical and/or horizontal size constraints, causing the layout to conform to the expected behavior of layouts on mobile devices. The expected behavior is:

  • If all objects are shown on a layout, lock the layout so it can't be moved.

  • If not all of the objects on a layout are shown, allow the user to scroll horizontally and/or vertically in order to see the additional objects.

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