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  • SQL Builder By Eden Morris

    • 2,310
    This SQL code generator will generate ExecuteSQL() code for FileMaker allowing you to use unsafe field names and make changes to database schema after making the code. If you have feedback of any kind such as bugs or feature requests please visit the support topic for this file. UPDATE 5/23/2012 Code window opens at start up
    Disabled field name check at start up.
    No bug fixes ( please send bug reports in the support topic )
    UPDATE 5/23/2012 Added Settings page
    Added Loading page
    Fixed bug in code window
    UPDATE 5/16/2012 Misc bug fixes and UI tweaks
    UPDATE 5/15/2012 Table and Field ID's are now tracked allowing for auto repairing of table and field names after schema changes
    Misc bug fixes and UI tweaks
    UPDATE 5/13/2012 All new UI
    Support for more functions
    UPDATE 5/9/2012 (v1.0?!) Support for FROM and Right JOIN Table Aliases
    Misc. bug fixes
    Tweaked the UI
    UPDATE 5/5/2012 You can now group by a field without displaying it in the results
    Added JOIN Example
    UPDATE 5/4/2012 Added a Statement Creation Wizard ( v07 )
    Improved Dynamic Parameters Support. ( v0601 )
    Support for Dynamic Parameters.
    UPDATE 5/2/2012 ( Back From Vacation! ) Starting Value navigation buttons.
    Output code display options can be set at the bottom of the details layout.
    UPDATE 4/29/2012 Added warning icons that show up if a field no longer exists so that schema changes can be easily tracked down.
    Added starting value and maximum results in the results window.
    UPDATE 4/25/2012 Fixed "AND OR" Bug
    Insert functions into select field lines
    Adding a function to a WHERE line will change it into a HAVING line
    Manual entry will populate when entered on SELECT and WHERE/HAVING lines
    UPDATE 4/24/2012 Fixed bug in ORDER BY
    Table Occurrences are now all that is needed to populate the field list.
    UPDATE 4/23/2012 Added "Get at Date or Time" Check box for SELECT lines and an example of how it works.
    Statements can be assigned categories
    Simplified the code when there is no JOIN statement
    Code now has formatting to make reading the code easier
    Dropped the use of Quote() and now use escaped quotes
    You can attach a sub-query when using "WHERE IN" by clicking on the icon to the right of the value field
    UPDATE 4/22/2012 More Unsafe Names
    UNION drop down menu and examples showing how to use it.
    Thanks for the feedback so far...
  • MultiPage Letters By Ocean West

    • 746
    Concept uses a large text block for data entry, the script will parse for paragraph returns and then uses the Virtual List technique to print the multi page letter. Also will allow for a scanned image of a signature to be appended and will slide up to the bottom of the body copy. Also allows for manually inserting a page break by using <break> in body of text.
  • Animated Layout Transitions (FM13) By John Sindelar

    • 388
    The animations introduced in FM13 are great, but they still don’t let us animate the transition from one layout to another. This is something we’re looking for as it’s often used in iOS apps to move from list to detail and back again. However, using full-layout slide panels, we can animate layout transitions as long as we’re careful to get the timings right. Our unlocked example file demonstrates how to do this in your own solutions and introduces using OnTimer triggers to queue animations that might otherwise be invisible within a single script. Details and a movie of this in action are one our blog. - John John Sindelar SeedCode FileMaker Templates, Calendars, & Cool Stuff www.seedcode.com 855-SEEDCODE
  • FileMaker® Server 17 And SSL Certificates: Configuration And Use By Steven H. Blackwell

    • 492
    • 0
    Information about new SSL processes and options. Jointly authored with Wim Decorte.
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