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Featured Entries

  • Steven H. Blackwell

    Hacking Your Own FileMaker Platform Solutions

    By Steven H. Blackwell

    Hacking Your Own FileMaker Platform Solutions Should FileMaker Platform developers mount hacking attacks on their own solutions? At first glance, this may seem an odd question. But I believe that the answer is “Yes, we should.” Consider this. As developers we see our solutions from a totally different perspective than Threat Agents see them. Without practicing our own hacking skills, we can become blind to the vulnerabilities a Threat Agent can exploit to compromise the Confidentiality
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  • Josh Ormond

    A Conversation About '2 Factor Authentication'

    By Josh Ormond

    [ Edit: 3/16/2016 - With the help of some other people, we have been able to recover, or recreate some of the original images from original thread. ] Security is always a big topic when it involves data, or people, or possessions. Recently, over on the FileMaker Community, there was a very beneficial discussion regarding security. Unfortunately, that discussion was the victim of a necessary action...and was deleted. It was deleted, because the discussion was tied to a video that, as was det
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Testing Privilege Sets

If there's one thing you shouldn't ignore from the start of any FileMaker solution, it's the way security is going to factor into your creation. You need to know who the users and groups are and what their access rights are. These access rights are called privilege sets within FileMaker. All too often, security may be an afterthought because most of the fun typically lies in creating solutions to the problems. The real trick is to create the solution to the problem while simultaneously consider

FileMaker Magazine

FileMaker Magazine

Claris FileMaker Pro 2024 – Supercharged WebViewer with WebRTC

Watch our video to look at a new feature in FileMaker 2024: WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications). WebRTC brings real-time video and chat capabilities directly into your FileMaker solutions. This opens up a world of opportunity in your FileMaker solutions. In this one focused example, we demonstrate how you can embed a Zoom meeting within a FileMaker web viewer, showcasing the enhanced functionality and seamless integration. Zoom is but one example of an application that requires the advance



Introducing Claris FileMaker Pro 2024

Great news! FileMaker 2024 has arrived, bringing with it a host of exciting new features! From advanced AI integration to the “Open Quickly” feature, this release is all about making your development process smoother and more efficient. Script enhancements and improved JSON handling also are featured.  Watch our video to explore the latest enhancements and tools that will revolutionize your development workflow. This blog post provides a summary of the topics discussed in the v



Claris FileMaker 2024 - Discovering new features

Companies release new versions of software all the time. One of the issues we may face as developers is that not everything is documented and the "marketing spin" might not provide all the technical details. In this video I showcase how I go about the process by performing and ad hoc discover of some of the new features in the Claris FileMaker 2024 release. Click the title or link to this article to view the video. View the full article

JSON Enhancements in Claris FileMaker 2024

Explore the exciting new JSON features in Claris FileMaker 2024! This article delves into the enhanced JSONGetElement, JSONSetElement, and JSONMakeArray functions, showcasing how these updates simplify data handling for developers. Learn how the latest enhancements make JSON manipulation more intuitive, efficient, and powerful, enabling developers to innovate with ease. JSON Enhancements in Claris FileMaker 2024 dbservices.com

Claris FileMaker Server 2024 Overview

Claris FileMaker Server 2024 is here! This new version is packed with many useful features including mobile touch keyboards, Admin API enhancements, logging updates, and more! These upgrades will take your FileMaker applications to the next level! Claris FileMaker Server 2024 Overview     dbservices.com

Revert Transaction is now supported in subscripts! 

Error handling just got even easier Introduction We have been discussing the use of transactions since Todd Geist’s post in 2014. We introduced a complete framework with the Karbon project in 2018. We then revisited this framework with the introduction of the new script steps introduced in version 19.6. Transactions have proven to be useful […] The post Revert Transaction is now supported in subscripts!  appeared first on Proof+Geist. View the full article

FileMaker 2024 – AI and More

FileMaker 2024 was just released. While the features likely to get the most attention center around AI, many other useful features also deserve notice. In fact, there is so much to cover that it would take a dozen blog posts to give them the coverage they deserve. In this post, we will cover the highlights […] The post FileMaker 2024 – AI and More appeared first on Proof+Geist. View the full article

Fundamentals: Knowing Context

Over one's development career, you'll come across a number of people who "think" they know how something really works. You then proceed to show them some of the cool things they can really do, like a "context jump" within FileMaker. You then smile at their surprise, because what they thought was possible isn't even the start of it. If you don't even know about, or truly understand, FileMaker's ability to jump from one context to another, then you're missing a critical piece to the FileMaker puz

Multiple Choice Picker

I've been using pickers in customer solutions for years but always as a single choice interface. It dawned on me, after reading a post in a forum, that it's often advantageous to make multiple selections, instead of having to keep clicking the picker buttons for multiple single choices. In this article, I'll use a simple invoicing solution to demonstrate how to enhance a picker to make multiple choices.View the full article

Claris FileMaker WebDirect vs. Custom Web Applications

Many technologies that used to be restricted to a dedicated software have begun moving online, including Claris FileMaker. FileMaker WebDirect is one way you can bring your FileMaker solution straight to the web. We discuss the comparison between FileMaker WebDirect and building a custom web app. Includes demo video. Claris FileMaker WebDirect vs. Custom Web Applications dbservices.com

Set Error Capture On. Now What?

Our recent Engage presentation of the new 19.6 transactional script steps purposefully focused on the topic of error handling, because once you’ve put the transactional “bookends” in your script, your focus immediately turns to errors: handling, throwing, and passing them back to calling scripts or processes. The Contract When you add Set Error Capture On […] The post Set Error Capture On. Now What? appeared first on Proof+Geist. View the full article

Getting Started with Core CRM Pro

Explore the benefits of a FileMaker CRM for free! Great news – our updated Core CRM Pro solution is now available as a free, fully unlocked CRM template! If you own a business or manage any kind of organization, chances are you have – or need – a CRM, a Customer Relationship Management system. Productive Computing University’s Core CRM Pro is the ultimate free FileMaker CRM template for the Claris FileMaker Community! The Core CRM Pro is a streamlined FileMaker CRM solution that lets



Status Messages Enhanced

User interface related topics are always exciting when they work really well within FileMaker. Regarding non-modal status updates, e.g. showing the user what happened or is happening, we have a few options we can use. The most simple is to toggle a value which uses a hide calculation to show/hide a given object on the layout and refresh its visibility. When you extend this notion a good bit further, you can come up with one of the most creatives uses of many hide calculations to take advantage

Claris FileMaker Implementation Guide

Claris FileMaker has the potential to revolutionize the way you manage data and processes, but unlocking its capabilities requires a well-thought-out implementation. We've created this 9-step checklist to help guide you along your FileMaker implementation! Claris FileMaker Implementation Guide > dbservices.com  

Next Gen FileMaker hosting in California! (Los Angeles)

When your parent company is named ‘1-more-thing’, there’s no excuse for not being present in Los Angeles! That’s now fixed. fmcloud.fm is available in LA, greatly benefiting the FileMaker users of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. You can measure the latency between you and our various datacenters on this interactive map. Want to try now? If you already have a server on fmcloud.fm, just send us an email,



OnWindowTransaction JSON

Demo file:  on-window-transaction-json.zip Credentials:  admin / admin Minimum version:  20.2  [for both client and server] Note: This demo file is optimized for Perform Script on Server (PSOS), and is intended to be hosted on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud. Introduction Recently a colleague mentioned that they were running into a performance issue trying to load… Continue reading OnWindowTransaction JSONView the full article
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