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Featured Entries

  • Steven H. Blackwell

    Hacking Your Own FileMaker Platform Solutions

    By Steven H. Blackwell

    Hacking Your Own FileMaker Platform Solutions Should FileMaker Platform developers mount hacking attacks on their own solutions? At first glance, this may seem an odd question. But I believe that the answer is “Yes, we should.” Consider this. As developers we see our solutions from a totally different perspective than Threat Agents see them. Without practicing our own hacking skills, we can become blind to the vulnerabilities a Threat Agent can exploit to compromise the Confidentiality
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  • Josh Ormond

    A Conversation About '2 Factor Authentication'

    By Josh Ormond

    [ Edit: 3/16/2016 - With the help of some other people, we have been able to recover, or recreate some of the original images from original thread. ] Security is always a big topic when it involves data, or people, or possessions. Recently, over on the FileMaker Community, there was a very beneficial discussion regarding security. Unfortunately, that discussion was the victim of a necessary action...and was deleted. It was deleted, because the discussion was tied to a video that, as was det
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Gonector 2.0 Doubles Supported Devices

Gonector allows custom FileMaker apps for iPhone or iPad to seamlessly integrate directly with various mobile devices such as digital scales, RFID readers and mobile printers. Today we are happy to announce version 2.0 which doubles the number of supported devices.     The plug-in has been out for almost three years now and enabled some great apps to replace manual work with modern technologies, such as RFID and digital scales, without compromising the ease of use and develop


HOnza in Hardware Integration

elemental_dropzone has landed - Drag and drop multiple files with ease

We're thrilled to announce the release of our fist add-on called elemental_dropzone. With this really easy to use add-on you're given the power of dragging multiple. files directly into your solution all at once. You can even drop entire folders into your solution.   Once dropzone is installed just drag it onto your lay out and specify a script for the dropped files to be sent to for processing - it's really that simple.   Best of all it is 100% free.  

Daniel Wood

Daniel Wood in Add-ons

Getting Started with Claris FileMaker

If you're new to FileMaker and don't know where to start, you're in luck! We've been working with FileMaker since 2003 on hundreds of projects, and we want to share our expertise with beginners like you. This collection of resources will help you get started building custom FileMaker Apps today. Read the full article here. 

Delete AWS Snapshots with Python Lambda Script

Reduce AWS Bill: Delete Snapshots with Python Lambda Script When old snapshots pile up, so do costs – try these slick tricks to trim the bloat By Leif Hanson, Full Stack Developer So the billing department calls to inquire about eXtra eXpenses from AWS due to 14,000 32GB snapshots having piled up. Unbeknownst to you, some backup script has gotten away from your team and started backing up repeatedly. Maybe you’re intentionally keeping around petabytes of backup data? Or maybe you need a pr



Extracting PDF Contents

It seems like it's taken decades for many businesses and government agencies to move from pushing paper into the digital age of transactions. Recently, I was reminded of this by heading into town hall and having to push a bit of paper myself. Banks and other financial institutions still actually offer paper options surprisingly. I guess being in the world of tech comes with its own biases. But, despite the seemingly slow adoption, the migration is still happening and more and more things are goi

Understanding External Authentication

Even if it's not a super interesting topic, and really only applies if you're managing a FileMaker server, it always pays to know how things work behind the scenes. If you've never used FileMaker's external authentication via LDAP then you'll want to watch this particular video. If you're creating any type of FileMaker solution which needs to know when your users both enter and exit the system, which especially applies to using external authentication, then you'll enjoy the super simple access


FileMaker, Inc. and Claris have been waging a war against Manage Database clutter for over two decades. In the early days of FileMaker, let's say FileMaker 3.0, there was no need to worry about packing too much into Manage Database because people weren't designing complex solutions like they do today. These days, it's critical that you use all the tools at your disposal and don't just cram everything into Manage Database. This article will serve as a history of why features were added to FileMak

Migrating Themes

Recently, having had a conversation with a fellow developer about a FileMaker theme potentially causing issues with slow performance, it was asked about how it's possible to update a theme. Whether you simply want to update existing styles and/or remove and add others, there's only a few critical things you need to remember about updating and migrating a theme. If you can get those few things right, then making any number of updates to your existing theme can be quite easy to accomplish. The g

FRAP-Map: A Flexible, Robust, Accessible and Portable Data Mapping Technique

Editor’s note: today we have a guest article by long-time FileMaker developer, Peter Doern, who has come up with an elegant, outside-the-box methodology for managing imports. This is one of the coolest techniques I’ve seen in a long time. Enjoy. FileMaker includes a powerful and fast method for importing data from a source table to… Continue reading FRAP-Map: A Flexible, Robust, Accessible and Portable Data Mapping Technique View the full article

FileMaker PandaDoc Integration

Sometimes you need to send a document to be signed virtually. Integrating PandaDoc with your FileMaker solution makes this an easy task. PandaDoc has a robust API that allows you to create, send, and receive documents digitally using the functionality of your FileMaker system to manage the process. This guide will show you how you can begin sending documents. Includes a video and sample file. Read the full article here. 

The Meaning of “Excelsior”

.fusion-gallery-1 .fusion-gallery-image {border:0px solid #f6f6f6;}One of these things is not like the others … One of these things is in a class of its own The Excelsior. It’s a tank, a rugby club, a Federation starship, a brewing company … and now, a digital “get-out-of-jail” card for New Yorkers. Launched this week, the Excelsior Pass is a mobile app that allows gate-keepers to verify a customer’s COVID-19 vaccination status prior to entering a people-populated place. Flash the pass and you,



Development Scheduling Optimized with Web Viewer

We use our own app called Collector to manage our software development projects. A few years ago my colleague Milan started feeling the need to schedule our development capacity more precisely. So we created a detailed plan layout. In the following video you can see what the layout looked like and how we later optimized it using Web Viewer and JavaScript.     In the first version of the layout, we used a list view with 31 filtered portals in the body part and another 31 port

Adding Webhooks to FileMaker is Easy with fmRESTor 19

We have recently released fmRESTor 19 along with a brief 8-minute step-by-step video on how you can use fmRESTor to add a webhook to your own FileMaker database.   For the case you have not heard the term yet, webhook is usually defined as a “user-defined HTTP callback”. In plain English, it’s a web URL you can access and pass data to in order to perform some action in the target application. In the simplest form it’s just a link you can click and that alone performs the action.

Customized PDF Output

FileMaker has had the ability to use an internal PDF writer since version 8. It has, however, not always had the ability to merge multiple PDFs into one master and make this work as seamlessly as possible. Being able to do this server side is a really BIG benefit! In this video, we take a look at a subscriber's question about a particular printed layout issue in conjunction with taking advantage of FileMaker's best possible output options. With the ability to Save Records As PDF we can certainl

PHP Wrappers for the FileMaker Data API

Need a PHP Wrapper to Connect to the FileMaker Data API? Try FMXData! by Duane Weller, eXcelisys FileMaker/Web Developer I’ve built a number of FileMaker Custom Web Publishing (CWP) websites using the FileMaker Data API. With this eXperience I have learned that writing the PHP code to connect to the FileMaker Data API can be tedious and time-consuming. In order to eXpedite development, you need a library of simple, pre-built functions that give you easy access to the features of the FileMak



Multilingual Solutions

I've talked to other developers, read articles and even attended presentations on how to create multilingual FileMaker solutions. I've always thought to myself... "I'll never have to do this myself" so I only half listened. Now I have a client who needs multilingual field labels, titles, button text, tooltips and placeholders. I'm going to walk readers through the process of determining the best solution for my particular client so you can learn the way I did. You may have to adjust your approac

Successful UI Design - Part 2

FileMaker themes are simply a collection of the popular CSS standards plus a few extra attributes which are FileMaker specific. Each element on your FileMaker layouts is defined by these CSS settings. They can be seen when extracting them from the clipboard, and if you know the right location to retrieve and store them, can be defined by any enthusiastic developer. When FileMaker, now Claris, first introduced themes they likely had the intention of allowing users and/or third parties to create

When 2 is greater than 10

Today we’re going to take a quick look at a potential “gotcha” that can crop up when doing numeric comparisons. Jason DeLooze and I discussed the general behavior back in 2011 (Space Is The Place), but this time around I want to focus on one particular set of circumstances where the problem can arise. At… Continue reading When 2 is greater than 10 View the full article

Kevin Frank

Kevin Frank

Successful UI Design

How easy is it for you to design the user interface of your FileMaker database? Are there any tips you have which makes the process easier? If so, then I would love to hear them! In this video, I'm providing you with the best information I have about a successful UI design process. It's the opening video to a deep dive about how themes actually work within FileMaker. I start with a blank layout and go over the major areas of what I consider when starting the design of a new database or a re-ski

Video-sharing Website Lights Up Web

Gospel-Inspired Web Community Sees Light of Day eXcelisys Sets Up Video-Sharing Platform for Christian Musicians   Imagine a cozy, happy space on the internet dedicated to positivity, to encouraging people to be the best versions of themselves. Imagine a platform devoted entirely to providing Christian musicians and writers with a place to share their work. Imagine “Massive Miracle” – a new Gospel-inspired web community launched by brothers Bedcy and Rops Previl.  Born in Haiti, Bedcy came



Fun with SQL Joins and Currency Formatting

Demo file: sql-join-fun-etc.zip requires FM 18 or later. Recently I was asked to create a mini-report combining data from a pair of related tables via ExecuteSQL. This provided an opportunity to think about SQL joins, and also to come up with a way to apply currency formatting to dollar amounts in the SQL query result,… Continue reading Fun with SQL Joins and Currency Formatting View the full article

Kevin Frank

Kevin Frank

Catching Duplicates with Validation

One of the best feelings for any database developer is knowing that duplicate data simply can't sneak into your solution. You've got clean data such that when you search for a specific email address you know there's only one and it belongs to the right entity. In the associated video and sample file you'll get all the details for how you can use FileMaker's Unique value validation option. You'll see how you can prevent FileMaker from showing it's annoying dialog box which uses the name of the f
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