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Featured Entries

  • Steven H. Blackwell

    Hacking Your Own FileMaker Platform Solutions

    By Steven H. Blackwell

    Hacking Your Own FileMaker Platform Solutions Should FileMaker Platform developers mount hacking attacks on their own solutions? At first glance, this may seem an odd question. But I believe that the answer is “Yes, we should.” Consider this. As developers we see our solutions from a totally different perspective than Threat Agents see them. Without practicing our own hacking skills, we can become blind to the vulnerabilities a Threat Agent can exploit to compromise the Confidentiality
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  • Josh Ormond

    A Conversation About '2 Factor Authentication'

    By Josh Ormond

    [ Edit: 3/16/2016 - With the help of some other people, we have been able to recover, or recreate some of the original images from original thread. ] Security is always a big topic when it involves data, or people, or possessions. Recently, over on the FileMaker Community, there was a very beneficial discussion regarding security. Unfortunately, that discussion was the victim of a necessary action...and was deleted. It was deleted, because the discussion was tied to a video that, as was det
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Claris Problem Solvers Circle

Claris knows that the best solutions are tested and refined over time. That's why they recently announced their new Problem Solvers Circle, a program that gives your organization the freedom to explore, build, and test new solutions over a period of 2 years, with full access to the suite of Claris products. Read the full article here.


dbservices in Claris News

Navigate the DF Way - Solution Navigation Bar

Hi all, I have just published a new article at FileMaker Weetbicks.  This is part 2 of our navigation series and in this article we talk about solution navigation. We extend upon the navigation framework from part 1 and leverage it to build a contextless button bar navigation control that can be used for solution wide navigation, or for script execution. You can check the article out here, along with a detailed example file. Thanks for reading! Daniel

Daniel Wood

Daniel Wood in Navigation

The Context Podcast: Protecting Your Data Hosted with FileMaker Server

Martha Zink, The Context Podcast Host & Proof+Geist Director of Marketing Angelo Luchi, Proof+Geist Director of Infrastructure Todd Geist, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CTO From the outside, hosting with FileMaker Server can seem simple and straightforward. But behind the scenes, there’s a whole lot more going on! Whether you’re hosting your FileMaker solution on-premise or in the cloud, on your own or through a hosting provider, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to protect your data and

Todd Geist

Todd Geist

Using Portals for Navigation & Interaction

Portals can be used for essentially two different functions. Either data presentation or interaction. Of course, as you already know, you can also use a portal for both aspects of presentation and interaction as the same time. In this video, we continue the growth of our Home Project database where we take a look at the core differences between a Master/Detail portal (Current found set) and one which uses a Self Relationship. If you've not come across the differences between portal types, and

FileMaker Magazine

FileMaker Magazine

Creating Styles & Naming them

Any FileMaker solution is a growing collection of stuff to be maintained. By the nature of development, some things will be replaced leaving some aspects to be abandoned and others to be lifted up by revitalizing them. Regardless of what goes and what stays, it's best to have a plan for how things will be added and how easy it will be for your future self, or anyone else, to be able to identify those things. In this video, I walk through the Home Project database I'm working on and I talk about

FileMaker UPS Integration

UPS not only delivers your packages with quality, but they also offer an API to streamline any shipping needs that you may have for your company or application. With their API integrated into your FileMaker software, you can validate addresses, check shipping costs, compare delivery services and rates, print labels, track packages, and much more in one consolidated package. Includes a video and sample file. Read the full article here.

Design Planning

Designing within FileMaker can either be pretty easy or somewhat hard. There's no exact way to design the look and feel of your solution, but the process of implementing the design can be easier when using FileMaker's grid. In this video, I talk about the process I use to first determine the size of a layout and then go on to refining its size so it fits within the golden ratio. Finally, I talk about implementing my use of the grid to make the styling of objects easier and give myself some gui

The Context Podcast: The Evolving Claris Platform

Peter Nelson, Claris Vice President of Engineering Andrew LeCates, Claris Director of Platform Evangelism Martha Zink, The Context Podcast Host & Proof+Geist Director of Marketing Ernest Koe, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CEO Todd Geist, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CTO On April 26, 2022, Claris hosted a webinar on the future of their technology and platform. In this episode of The Context Podcast, Martha, Ernest, and Todd are joined by special guests Peter Nelson and Andrew LeCates from Claris. They foc

Navigate the DF Way - Layout Sections

Hi there! I've just published a new article at FileMaker Weetbicks entitled "Navigate the DF Way - Layout Sections". This is the first in a series of articles dealing with the topic of navigation. In this first article we talk about navigation within a single layout. Example file included as always. https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/navigate-the-df-way-layout-sections/ Thank you for reading, Daniel

The Context Podcast: Multi-File Solutions & The Evolving FileMaker Platform

Martha Zink, The Context Podcast Host & Proof+Geist Director of Marketing Todd Geist, Proof+Geist Co-Founder/CTO John Renfrew, Independent Developer & Proof+Geist Affiliate In this episode, Martha, Todd, and John explore multi-file solutions from a broader perspective. Deciding on a single or multi-file FileMaker solution is not a good proxy for how complex the system is – a complex system can comprise one file, just as a simple system can comprise multiple files. Both Todd and John disc

Data Structure & Default Elements

Being in need of a new database system myself, I decided to simply document the process of adding new features to a FileMaker system as it evolves. This is a great way to learn about the ins-n-outs of what goes on when developing a new system. There's a number of things which may or may not make sense when you take a look into how someone else created something. So, why not make videos as the solution progresses. In this first video, I showcase how I originally started the file and where I shou

Claris Studio Preview

Exciting new changes are on the horizon for Claris! Claris shared their company's focus for the future with some exciting announcements, including Claris Studio, plans to make Claris more available, and their new Problems Solvers Circle program. We discuss some of the updates that we are most looking forward to. Read the full article here.

Claris announces exciting changes to its platform

Focusing on Problem Solvers In today’s Claris webinar, CEO Brad Freitag started by saying that “Problem solvers are our ecosystem,” giving a shout out to the all-in Claris community of developers and consulting businesses. He and his team detailed a new licensing program, shared additions to the platform, and discussed the future. Here are three notable takeaways: Claris Studio: The next piece of the puzzle First, Claris is releasing a new product. Peter Nelson, VP of Engineering, referred to hi

Todd Geist

Todd Geist

FileMaker Sharing Steps

Having recently consulted with a newer developer unfamiliar with the way FileMaker hosting/sharing works, I found that discussing the process would be a good primer for anyone just starting with FileMaker. If you've only ever worked or developed your file on your local machine, then learning how to host that file will be a big benefit. Especially if you need to collaborate with another developer. One of the key benefits of developing with FileMaker is the fact that it allows for collaborative l

Restoring User Environments

Over the years I've created a number of videos about restoring user state. Returning windows to their last viewed location, restoring tabs and slider panels to those last viewed, etc. I've also created videos about super quick startup and managing users within a Users table. What I haven't shown is how I combine all of those processes into a powerful user environment restoration routine. Along with highly maintainable (and transportable) code. I've used this approach on most all of the solution

FileMaker Screen Pop with Twilio

Twilio is a leading cloud communications platform that works well for both reaching out to customers and receiving communications. Learn how to integrate Twilio with FileMaker using webhooks and a few lines of code to notify you via a screen pop when you receive an incoming call from Twilio. Includes a video and sample file. Read the full article here.

Exploring Wordlespace with SQL and While

Recently we’ve discussed optimizing SQL queries in FileMaker, and had some fun with various SQL experiments. Today we’re going to explore some ways FileMaker can use ExecuteSQL and the While function to perform letter frequency and text pattern analysis on candidate words for the popular Wordle game. The list of words comes from https://github.com/tabatkins/wordle-list and… Continue reading Exploring Wordlespace with SQL and WhileView the full article

Solving Circular References in Auto Enter Calculations

Hi there! In this article we talk about an age old situation in FileMaker where two Auto-Enter calculations reference one another. We explain the order of execution and why this never leads to a desired result. We then show a cool solution to this issue such that you can build circular references that work the way you want them to. Example file included as always. Check out the article here! Thanks for reading! Daniel      

Get ( LastMessageChoice ) - Show Custom Dialog tricks

Sometimes, it's just good to reflect on how you use certain FileMaker features. You know, the simple ones. Like Show Custom Dialog and Get ( LastMessageChoice ). If you use FileMaker for mobile a lot, then Show Custom Dialog is a great way to go. With Desktop, you might have less than optimal results because users can reposition and resize the dialog. Aside from those few issues, however, it's probably one of those script steps you find yourself sprinkling all around your FileMaker solution. Th

SQL Multi-Table & Miscellaneous Experimentation

INTRO Today we’re going to pick up where we left off last month, and today’s article will assume the reader is familiar with the material we covered last time (in SQL Multi-Table Query Optimization). This time we’re going to dig a little deeper into multi-table SQL queries, conduct some SQL experiments, and look at a… Continue reading SQL Multi-Table & Miscellaneous ExperimentationView the full article

Kevin Frank

Kevin Frank

A Clever CSS Chat Display

Hi all, I have just posted a new article at FileMaker Weetbicks entitled "A Clever CSS Chat Display". I hope you like it. In this article I present a very easy to implement CSS-based chat 0 which is perfect for implementing a messaging system in your solution.  The chat display is presented as a standard instant messaging format with a two-sided conversation. It is also able to handle formatting, and messages of any size. As always an example file is included which should contain

Daniel Wood

Daniel Wood in Design

Learning FileMaker Functions

When you really want to master creating all kinds of powerful solutions within FileMaker, then you'll have to be familiar with as many functions as possible. In fact, it doesn't hurt to know and have used every single one at least once or twice. The sooner you become familiar, the more things you'll be able to accomplish. Reflecting on my own journey with learning all of FileMaker's functions, I remembered working with a dog-eared paper manual with sticky notes popping out all over the place. T
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