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DevCon | Best_Practices | Rash | Miami

Skeleton Key


FileMaker DevCon: My Rash is Gone...

I hope you had a great time at DevCon. I did and came home with a rash to prove it.

If you're anything like me, you've returned from DevCon and gotten back to your daily grind. You're doing what you do and all the high-mindedness of DevCon is gone - just like my rash.

Most of us leave DevCon with a list of things we want to try, practices we want to implement, routine processes we want to improve. Once we return home, we spend a day or two playing 'catch up' and then a week or two considering how we may implement some of these new high-minded principals.

Before we know it, we fall back into old habits and do what we do. Just like that - our 'rash' of improvement initiatives (implementing consistent best practices, improving layout designs, increasing performance, focusing on sales practices, etc. etc. etc.) disappears.


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