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FMRPC | FileMaker Procedure Remote Call | Software Update |Discount

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Skeleton Key


<p><a href="/blog/FMRPC-Update-v1.02-Now-Available-20%-Discount-Price-Reduction-Ends-Saturday-August-31st"><br /><h1>FMRPC Update: v1.02 Now Available &amp; 20% Discount Price Reduction Ends Saturday, August 31st! </h1>


<p><a href="/images/Blog/FMRPC_Banner_v1_cropped600x225.jpg" align="left"><img width="400" height="150" src="/images/Blog/FMRPC_Banner_v1_cropped600x225.jpg" /></a></p>

<p><center>FMRPC allows a FileMaker user to run intensive operations on the FileMaker Server and on demand. This happens without the need for any plug-ins, server-side queues or server-side schedules. In addition, FMRPC expands the functionality of the FileMaker clients (both Pro and Go), enabling them to do things they simply can't do on their own (e.g., call server-side plug-ins and perform native JDBC/ODBC commands on hosted databases). Finally, FMRPC is totally secure and simple to install.</center><br /><br /></p>

<h2>FMRPC 20% Price Reduction Ends August 31st!</h2>

<ul class="content_list">

<li>Workgroup (10 users, 2 files, 1 server) normally $295, <b>now $236</b> (through 8/31/2013)</li>

<li>Enterprise (unlimited users, files, server) normally $495, <b>now $396</b> (through 8/31/2013)</li>

<li>Solution Bundle (unlimited users, files, server per instance of solution) normally $1,495, <b>now $1,196</b> (through 8/31/2013)</li>

<li>Hosting (unlimited users, files, server) Contact Us</li>


<p><br /></p>

<p><a href="http://www.skeletonkey.com/node/328" target="_blank">read more</a></p>


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