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FileMaker Pro Tips and Tricks: Moving Files Without a PlugIn



<h2 class="p1">Using FileMaker® Pro to move files without the use of a PlugIn!</h2>

<h3>By Rob Poelking,</h3>


<p class="p1">This FileMaker Pro tip and trick shows a simple method of moving a file natively using FileMaker Pro, and works on both Mac and the PC/Win platforms. No plugins required.</p>

<p class="p1"><em>The idea for this Tip-n-Trick originated when building an updater that required files to be in a predetermined location for automated imports. This could also be useful when working with “hot folders” where files stored in a specific location are periodically processed and moved to a different location automatically. Or…?</em></p>


<p class="p1">Download the demo file and enjoy!</p>

<div id="attachment_1148" style="width: 310px" class="wp-caption aligncenter"><a href="http://www.excelisys.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/MoveFileTip.zip"><img class="wp-image-1148 size-medium" src="http://www.excelisys.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/MoveFile-FileMakerProTnT-300x181.png" alt="FileMaker Pro Tip-n-Trix" width="300" height="181" /></a><p class="wp-caption-text">Download Demo File for FileMaker Pro 12 &amp; 13</p></div>

<p><b><i>About Rob Poelking: </i></b><i>Rob is an accomplished lead Certified FileMaker Pro Developer with Excelisys who produced his first solution way back when big hair and mullets were just going out of style. His passion for FileMaker Pro programming runs so deep he’s crossed state lines over the years to follow his craft. He brings a vast experience of developing vertical market solutions for companies like 14 Floor, LLC and their PrintStar Print Management solution and Medovation, LLC with their RadRunner solution, he has been an in-house developer for a large domestic logistics company and the photo industry incorporating solutions to handle sales, repairs, and inventory management . With his breadth and width of experience Rob is a huge asset to Excelisys with the ability to provide FileMaker Pro development and consulting for our vast array of clientele and their solution requirements.</i></p>

<p><i> </i><i>In his spare time Rob is a father, winemaker, beer brewmeister, and an ordained minister who also happens to be a third degree black belt and instructor in Kajukenbo. His favorite saying is “Knock ‘em out first, pray later”.</i></p>

<p><em>*This article is provided for free and as-is, use and play at your own risk – but have fun! Excelisys does not not provide free support or assistance with any of the above. If you would like help or assistance, please consider retaining Excelisys’ FileMaker Pro consulting &amp; development services.</em></p>

<p><em> <b>About Excelisys, Inc.: </b>Founded in 2001, Excelisys (www.excelisys.com) is a dedicated organization specializing in the designing, developing, customizing, supporting, consulting, migrating, upgrading, tweaking, fixing, and integrating of FileMaker Pro solutions, FileMaker Go solutions, MySQL, PostgreSQL, QuickBooks-FileMaker Pro Integration, Excel and MS Access FileMaker Pro conversions/migrations, iPhone and iPad business solutions, and other various database technologies and frameworks that automate your organization’s data solution needs for use on the web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Excelisys is a <a href="http://developer.filemaker.com/search/platinum/?flag_platinum=1&amp;country[0]=US&amp;country[1]=CA&amp;country[2]=MX" target="_blank">Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance</a>, and an <a href="http://www.bbb.org/northernindiana/business-reviews/computers-software-and-services/excelisys-in-south-bend-in-90034061" target="_blank">A+ member of the BBB</a>. Contact Excelisys today for a free estimate and consultation about your business software automation needs @ 866-592-9235.</em></p>


<p><em><a title="Link: http://www.filemaker.com" href="http://www.filemaker.com/">* FileMaker and FileMaker Pro are registered trademarks and owned by FileMaker, Inc. in the US and other countries.</a></em></p>

<a href="http://www.excelisys.com/blog/2014/05/16/filemaker-pro-tips-and-tricks-moving-files-without-a-plugin/" class='bbc_url' rel='nofollow external'>Source</a>


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