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Tagged records in portal

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It has been nearly 9 years since I posted in this forum and equally years not doing anything in FM. My FM version was not eligible for upgrade anymore and I had to buy the newest version. I feel, and I am, a beginner all over again.

This question might be easy stuff, but not to me. I would like to make a tool for finding content in wikipedia urls and other sites, based on tags over subject I have tagged in each record containing one URL. In the example attached, there one table, two layouts. One layout for inserting URLs, and one layout with portal in a self relation. In the portal layout, I would like to find URLs witht several tags, which are different subjects. Tags are pop up menu with a value list over many subjects.

In the portal layout, you see records based on the relation with the first field, Subject 1. I would like to be able to show records from more relation fields, i.e. also Subject 3, Subject 5. Is it possible?


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Never mind, I found this solution instead:


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