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Printing related records

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So I have an order entry solution that I am working on where the items can have "options" that effect the item's pricing.  Basically I have orders --- > orderLines ---> items ----> options.  In a basic invoicing solution I could easily just goto related records on the order lines and print an invoice type document.  What I need to do is add these option lines to that type of print layout.  

I have seen a very similar post in the forum, but was wondering what else I could do to print these "option lines" on the invoice.  I feel like I am missing something simple and obvious.

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Responding to my own topic in hopes that this helps someone else.  It was so simple, I just needed to get related records using the options table and use a sub summary by orderLines::itemSku and that produces what I need. 

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Never mind a little premature, this would only work if every item had an entry in the options table, and they don't, so back to the drawing board.  

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