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How do I prevent container fields from splitting across pages?

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I have a client who uses a report of many records. Some of the records could have an image appear before the record's details. Occasionally, depending on the length of the descriptions in the previous records, the image will be split across pages. Turning off "Allow part to break across page boundaries" does solve this problem, but has the unwanted side-effect of producing large amounts of whitespace when it's not needed to prevent this issue.

So far the only inkling of a solution I've come up with is to check the report one record at a time, temporarily emptying out the description, adding the next record, see if that record has an image and then see if adding that record added a page. If so, add lines to the previous record's description until that adds a page, take out the line that added the page, then add the next record, and restore that record's description. Seems like it would do the job, but also seems like a lot of work for something that I would think could be simpler.

Has anyone come up with a simpler solution?

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