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Cannot make FileMaker close all files?

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I have a menu file with a button labelled "Close all files". This button just performs a "Close" script step, which makes the menu files' close script to run. This closing script performs a Close("File X") script step for each file in the solution (about 25). After these, FileMaker itself is shut down if no other file is open using a:

If("PatternCount(DatabaseNames,"<Return character>")=0")

Quit program

End If

The problem:

When running this close script, I always end up with some files still open. When pressing the button a second time, all of the files close properly. It seems that some files are re-opened after having closed them one time. I know this can happen if you have layouts visible that have portals etc. or in other ways reference relationships, that cause files to re-open. But in this case I've tried "everything", i.e. minimizing all files, performing Freeze Window etc, everything to make any relationships NOT having to open files. But still, they re-open. What gives?

Has anyone seen this behavious before?

The environment is FileMaker 5.0/5.5 and mixed Windows 2000/Mac OS 9 environment. The problem occurs on both platforms.



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I'm having the same problem as I write.

Try putting the script in a loop:


close all files on server

Exit loop If("PatternCount(DatabaseNames,"<Return character>")=0")

End Loop

My problem is that each file has it's own closing script, and when I try to close all files from the menu file, it opens each file to run its closing script.

It would be nice to have in Preferences->Application the option to close all files tongue.gif

Good Luck

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Actually, instead of sweating all the relationships, you can:

1. Specify to open your Menu file with defauslt password

2. Close the FileMaker app.

All the files will automatically close.

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