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perform find in portal

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in my main file there is a portal showing corresponding invoices in a related file.

I would like to find the records that do not have (a) related invoice(s). I understand that it is impossible to perform a "zero records" find (result B) no records found).

What should I do.

Thank you for your help.

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try this one:

1. define in your main file an "constZero" field with option auto enter data 0 (you'll need to perform replace for already existing records).

2. allways in main define an calc field result number say hasInvoice as


where relName is your relationship used for displaying invoices in portal.

3. finally define an relationship in main NoInvoices::hasInvoice-->constZero

4. create an script

set error capture on

GTRR [noInvoices, show only related]

//handle no related records


Dj wink.gif

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ooops, I was writting without thinking. So of course last step won't work.

Instead you'll have to perform find ( in main) on hasInvoice=0 (BTW it's an unindexed field so the search might yield some time if large number of records is involved).

Than also you don't need neither step 1 and step 3.

sorry crazy.gif


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Yep, it works. I have tried to do what you explained in your first reply but I soon found out that just creating the calc field hasInvoice=count(relName::invoiceID) would do the trick.

Thanks a lot!

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