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FileMaker database replication and synchronization

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just want to invite you to join to the series of web casts which I plan to start in this/next week, if anyone is interested,  I will adapt to the majority time zone, videos will be uploaded to YouTube for people who will not be able to participate.

I have opportunity to develop simple solution for FileMaker database synchronization, which replicates data from FileMaker to PostgreSQL database. I'm not an expert and not here to teach you, the purpose is to develop together this solution so it becomes useful for others. I spent a lot of my time on dbs replication, FileMaker is first which I want to start to work with public. Node-RED is low code programming platform so we should only focus on resolving real problem.

Solution will be published after first video cast as open source project/solution.


If you interested and you have database we could work on, just let me know. I wan't to start work on direction:

  • FileMaker > PostgreSQL
  • FileMaker > MySQL
  • FileMaker > MSSQL

I was using FM Data API but thinking to switch to XML. I don't see any advantage of using REST.


Published also here: https://community.claris.com/en/s/question/0D50H00007qpaVvSAI/filemaker-database-replication-and-synchronization

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