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Decimal moved if field doesn´t have Round function

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Hi, I finally created a  new configuration with Mirrorsync 6.1 but now I detected a problem that I don´t know what is causing it. Fields that are number but are not Autocalculation values with the Round function, after sync appear in the spoke with the all the hidden numbers after the specified number of decimals, and the decimal mark (comma) is moved to the fixed number of decimals indicated in the Data Formatting Area. Example: in the hub 39,8601398601398601 that is displayed as 39,8601 (with data formatting) appears after sync in the spoke as 39860139860139,8601. But if I put the cursor inside it is displayed as 39.8601398601398601

I suppose it has to be something related to the use of comma as decimal separator. Have I missed something in the configuration with Mirrorsync?

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