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BCCs of eMails successfully sent suddenly **seem** to have information missing - even though the fields/attachments are actually fine!


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I am a "more than novice, but less than intermediary" Filemaker user. I'm using FMPro v with the 360Works eMail Plug-in v 3.3 on an older iMac (2009 24" Mac OSX 10.14.6) w 8G of RAM.

Several months ago, I wrote a script to send Purchase Orders to my various Suppliers via email, which included 2 PDF attachments (a Purchase Order detailing product costs and a Packing Slip to enclose with the shipped product for my Customers). After a brief period of testing, I determined that it worked as expected - in fact MUCH better than I had hoped for! As part of the email transmission, I automatically send a "blind CC" to my Customer Service address, so I can have a copy in my "regular" email program (Apple Mail) and see how the email looked to my Suppliers. It has worked flawlessly for the 5 months or so since I rolled it out as my "official" way of sending POs to my Suppliers. I have sent hundreds of POs without any glitches whatsoever… until a day or so ago.

Suddenly, the script works as it always has, generating and sending the email except… the "BCC" that I receive shows up in AppleMail as the "Sent From" field as "No Sender," the "Subject" field as "(No Subject)," the "Recipient" field is blank, there is no "Date Sent" information, and none of the 2 attached PDF files appear to be included. However, the files that comprise my signature (company logo and footer element) show up as expected, and the "html body copy" looks precisely as I expect. The "connect to server" box that pops up when connecting to the server through the script indicates successful connection, and the transmission thermometer box shows the email being sent successfully. I have not modified the script at all in several months, and spent several hours trying to determine what happened.

To make things even more perplexing, when I quit Filemaker, relaunch the file and run the script, everything works exactly like it always previously did, and I get a "BCC" that shows the email completely intact and appearing with everything correct. Now here's the kicker: after repeatedly sending several POs over the weekend to several Suppliers, they've confirmed for me that they received multiple emails for the same Purchase Order - each of them complete and intact. As I went to save the email by printing to a PDF file from AppleMail to show you the issue I was experiencing, instead of the top 3 fields showing up as "No Sender," "(No Subject)," and a Blank recipient field, the "From," "Subject," "Date" fields appear exactly as they should, although the "To" field remains blank, and the attached PDF Purchase Order and Packing Slip files do not "appear" to be included. The attached files gives a visual of what I'm trying to explain. "WeirdBCC email_1" is how the email shows up in AppleMail. "WeirdBCC email_2" is how the email shows up when printed to a PDF from AppleMail and viewed in Adobe Acrobat…

I don't know if this is a "one-off" issue, or has an explanation. I really need to have a complete and accurate BCC of the email (as I previously always have), a some degree of confidence that the transmission was successful. I don't know why this issue suddenly made itself known, as I haven't changed anything in the script or the Sales Order file (except to add more sales order records as they come in). I never received any errors from Filemaker, from my hosting Server, or AppleMail. Both the Filemaker app and the Plug-in are legitimately registered, and have been performing in a stellar fashion in every other respect - until this weird "hiccup" over the weekend…

If I need to generate a log, or send the script over for someone to look at, I will do so, but don't want to dump too much into this opening query. Does anyone have any insight into what might be causing this odd "on again, off again" issue? I don't want to mess with a script that has worked great for the past several months, as it appears to be performing exactly as expected (except for the apparent outcome on the BCC email). But I also don't want to worry about whether something "under the hood" might be broken, or in the process of "breaking..."

Thanks in advance. I'm hoping that someone can make the light come on for me without much further muss or fuss!


Weird BCC email_1.jpg

Weird BCC email_2.jpg

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This topic is 1000 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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