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Protecting your solution

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This is just an idea that works in practice but I need to know the pit falls if any.

I have made a surveying solution for fm go, The question arises of how do you stop people sending this solution to other people.

I have come up with using the  ( persistent id ) function.

The idea is to send the end user a small fm go file which will e.mail the device unique id number

This unique number will be loaded into the surveying software and sent to the end user for their device.


Using basic if and else statements

if                   the code matches go to the front page

else              Exit application


This seems to work on 3 iPads that I have tested

only the correct id number will work on each Ipad

As always this seems too good to be true

what am I missing

Thanks in advance








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When the device gets an iOS upgrade, this system may break. The PersistentID function has some issues.

Also, you would have to protect this functionality against any tampering that would defeat its purpose.


Steven H. Blackwell

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