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Script for Button that auto populates a radio set field based on quanity in separate field

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I have been building a inspection checklist solution and to reduce the tedious task of checking a radio set multiple times, I wanted to create a button that will auto populate my "Pass" checkmark field based on a "sample size" field. What goes on during my script is that the first instance in which I test this, it works perfectly. Once I continue to make more records it will only check 1 box and continue to do so as I push the button until there is an added digit change, then it will populate the correct quantity of "pass" check marks. 

example: If my sample size is 32, then it will put one check mark each time i push the button until i reach the 10th time, in which it will populate 32. With sample size of 125, it will do this for my first 99 times, then on the 100th it will populate to 125.

I would like it to populate the sample size upon pushing the button once.9:24:20SCRPIT Copy Inspection Copy.fmp12


Thank you for your input in advance

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This topic is 975 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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