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Opening PDF with a button in Web Companion

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Hello All,

I am rather new to filemaker 6, and I am trying to use web companion to publish a simple database. The problem I am having is that every record is associated with an PDF file, and I would like a button to open that file in a browser. My question is

1. Where should the PDF files be kept? I have tried putting them in the web directory, and referencing it with http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/blah.pdf or http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/web/blah.pdf and neither of them work from the web. The first one seems to work fine within the FM6 program tho.

2. Is there an elegant solution where i can just have a field with the name of the PDF, and then click a button to launch it (again, this must work when published with web companion), the whole time obscuring the details of the location or IP on which the PDF is located?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks !

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Hi Cmdr

Create a global field for your pdf home directory (e.g. "http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/web/". Then you need a field for the file name of your pdf. your path for the link will then be a formula field home_dir & file_name. Use this to link to your pdf.

This should work. If you want to see the pdf directly in the browser window, you have to put the pdfviewer plug in into the plugin folder of your web browser.

Have fun


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