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Applescript to create folders below installation

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I have a solution that needs to have two sub-folders for long-term running. I have created an opening script that checks whether the solution has been installed, and if not, creates the folders for me. In Windows, I have a simple batch file that runs from a Send Message script command. I assume that I should use Applescipt on the Mac, but not being a Mac person, I have not been able to figure out a couple of (admittedly basic!) things:

1) I want Applescript to create the folders under the main database folder, which could be anywhere. Every example of Finder scripts specify the exact location of a newly-created folder. I do not know how to instruct Applescript to do this.

2) Once I have an Applescript, I can only seem to instruct FM to call up Script Editor--not actually run the script. The Script step looks like:

Send Apple Event["init","Script Editor", "misc", "dosc"]

I am sure that these problems are easy to fix, but do not know what to change.



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let's see. What you need to do is provide the applescript with the path to your database. This is not too hard - what you can do is set a calc field in the DB to Status(CurrentFilePath), and then parse out the file name using a substitute command with Status(CurrentFileName). This will give you the path to the root of your install. Right?

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This topic is 6578 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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