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Kargas Dialog Plugin replacement - List

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I've been using the Kargas Dialog plugin for years, event if it's no longer supported, it's still working in FMA17, I'm planning to move to FM19 this year and I need to get rid of old 32 bits plugins.

It's a lot of work since I use it in so many places. I already replaced large dialog and custom dialog with card windows (Technic by Matt at Filemaker Magazine).


Mainly it is used to allow the user to select related information about something. The items in the list are not fixed.

For example, we sell an item and we prepare a list of parts the installer will need to go with that item. So I have a table relation from item.id <----> multiple parts available for that item and I need to list all parts for the user to select. In some item I will allow only one selection and in some case, I will allow multiple selection.


Now before I go into finding a way to replace this type of dialog, a picker, maybe there's someone that already made a solution for this ?




I know it will be with a portal (or maybe with a layout in list view?) I can filter relationship so I know how to populate the portal or list view.


I'm looking for a way to have a checkbox and select line, import those into a new portal (The import loop is already existing, as the Dialog return that info).






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I need to add, sometime the item in the list is populated by a list of value based on multiple fields. I have a function that returns all the emails a customer may have in his file (multiple work location, commercial customer with a list of multiple employees) So when we need to send a quotation, this dialog open and let the user choose the email from the list of all email that customer as in file.


That one I have no idea how, since it can't be a portal or list view. Maybe if I export all that info to a global table and then link and empty the table after ? Seems a lot of work and data manipulation for a single task ?!



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