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FM19 Using Google oAuth to open files at FMPHost.com

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Hi folks - we have a db hosted on FMPHost 19 shared server.  I have go into FMServer Console and configured it to enable Google External Authentication and provided the client id and client secret of my google project.  I added the oauth redirect URL of my FMPHost server to my Google project's allowed domains.  I then added a test user to the database from the FM19 client Manage > Security add user > External auth > filemaker@xxxx.xxx. I rebooted the FM Server via the console.  I made sure that the File Options are not set to automatically login as a local user.  I then attempted to open the file via Google.  Browser launches, I enter my Gmail credz and then imediately get the error that this user cannot be used to open the file.  I then check the event logs on the server:

2021-01-14 17:02:20.189 -0500    Warning    661    a914882    SECURITY: Client "jk (FMSERVER) [x.x.x.x.]" authentication failed on database "Untitled.fmp12" using "filemaker@xxxx.xxx [fmapp]".

(i added the x's above for privacy)

Any ideas?


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