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Fixing FileMaker File Corruption Issues with FmPro Migrator - A Case Study

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I sent a press release recently, showing how one of my customers solved a FileMaker file corruption problem using FmPro Migrator.

Quote from Gordon Cox, Enrich:
"With a corruption in the main file we were faced with rebuilding 40 tables, 306 TOs, 159 layouts and 463 scripts. FmPro Migrator to the rescue and a few hours later we have a new, not corrupt, file saving us at least a weeks work. FmPro Migrator has saved the day."

FmPro Migrator has the ability to rebuild FileMaker files as part of the Table Consolidation feature.

On macOS, FmPro Migrator uses AppleScript GUI automation to automate the processing of hundreds or even thousands of FileMaker objects per hour. Using macOS is the preferred platform to use for database rebuild and Table Consolidation projects. FmPro Migrator is fully functional on macOS Big Sur running on Apple Silicon hardware.

Performance testing of FmPro Migrator AppleScript GUI automation includes the following results:
5100 per hour - TOs Creation
616 per hour  - Relationship Creation
thousands in minutes -  - Custom Function Creation [Clipboard copy & paste]
thousands in minutes - Value List Creation [Clipboard copy & paste]
401 per hour  - Layout Importing
401 per hour  - Layout Creation - Pass #1
thousands in minutes - - Script Creation [Clipboard copy & paste]
870 per hour  - Layout Creation - Pass #2 (Replacing contents of existing layouts, to resolve dependencies between layouts and scripts)

Of course there are limitations with this process, and some file corruption situations might not be fixable. But if you would like to know more, you can view the FmPro Migrator website, and contact me via my website (email or online chat).

FmPro Migrator - Database Rebuild - Table Consolidation Feature

FmPro Migrator - Purchase Link

Fmig_Rebuild_TC_Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 12.33.33 PM.png

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This topic is 569 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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