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Moving data between portals?

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I have two DBs simple single column list portals on a layout. I need to provide a move right >>>> button and a move left <<<< button between the portals. The object is to select an item in a portal and click the button to move the item to the other portal.

Any ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm assuming the two portals are looking at records in the same (child) file -- for example, in portal A - New Messages, and in portal B - Read Messages.

To move records from portal A to B, or vice versa, you will need to make two scripts in the parent file, one for each portal.

The script in portal A will change the field in the related child record from the value that makes it show up in A, into the value that makes it show up in B (for example, from UNREAD to READ). Finish the script with Go To Layout (original) so that it resets the portals in the layout to your new settings. The second script does the opposite, editing the value of a child record in Portal B into a value that will make that child record show up in portal A (for example, from READ to UNREAD).

I would recommend using the Set(field) script step for altering the child record's key field. Don't forget to place the button in the portal rows themselves, as the script should refer to the record row it's in.

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What if they were two seperate files?

I am assuming you're talking about the files that the portals are relating to.

This can be done too, but the script involved in 'moving' the file from Portal A to B, or vice versa, would then need to do two things:

a) break the relationship from the portal it started out in, either by editing the related key in the child record, or deleting the child record.


??? creating a new child record, with a correct related key, in second portal.

This can be done through scripting. I don't recall ever having built such a solution, but it could be done.

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This topic is 6542 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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