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I am looking for ideas on how to develop a stock trading journal. I would need to track the stock ticker symbol, date & time of entry, date & time of fill, entry price, fill price, quantity filled, transaction type (buy, sell, sell short, cover), and other similar data. I was thinking of importing the data as CSV files into FileMaker. I use TradeStation and am not sure whether it will export in CSV format. As a last resort, the data could be entered manually. Given all this data I would like to calculate profit/loss for each ticker, compute and display an overall profit curve, and do many other calculations on the data (too numerous to list here unfortunately). 

There are many such programs that can be bought, but most are subscription based and run around $30-$100 per month for a year at a time. I'm searching the internet for similar programs but thus far haven't found any.

Any stock day or swing traders in the forum?

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