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Font size and justification changes in conditionally formatted cells.

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I'm hoping someone from 360Works will have seen this issue before and can help. I can ask Microsoft for help as well but I figure you're the best place to start - and I don't have a ton of time to figure this out.

I have a FileMaker solution with a script in which Scribe loads an excel workbook, and writes values. This excel workbook has a bunch of conditional formatting. The first three rows are static, but the rest is conditionally formatted, based on the value of the cell in a hidden column, changing depending on the row.

The problem is that everything after row three is supposed to be size 11 font, and everything but column A is supposed to be centered. Everything in the template itself seems fine, but when I run the script and open the workbook, I find that most cells have changed to size 12 font and left justified (well, right justified after converting all the cells to numbers). It's odd though because scattered about, I see some that are centered and some that are size 11, with no apparent pattern.

Have you seen something like this before? This is for a client who would like to run her FileMaker reports within the next week or two so I'm really hoping this can be resolved and I don't have to tell her to just correct all the formatting herself. So your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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