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Using a Rept field to sum a portal list of items!

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Guys, another one for you - I hope you're in the mood?

RE: The same O' same O' - Appointment scheduler

Let's say I have four operating theatres.

I have easily set up Four portals that do a relationship based upon a combined field of - Appt Date & " Room " & Room Number. Perfect

Now, it give's me a list of all the appointments - which is what I want


I would like it to be listed down the page on the corresponding line of what time the appointment is!

So, I was thinking, because each of the items in the list of appointments is a seperate record - I want to be able to combine each of the appointment times into a SUM of portal records and display it in a Repetition field that has 24 intervals (each 30 min slot)

I have a global TIMES field which is 24 repetitions which I have given data to (ie: 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, etc.)

Is there a calculation that will look at each Appointment time in the portal and plot it into the corresponding repetion field?

I've tried....

if(TIMES - Extend(???:Room1 = 0, Extend(B):Room1:Doctor Name), "")

This works for only ONE entry of the portal (The first Portal Record)

How do I get it look at all Portal Records and use it in the same calculation?

There's got to be a way right?

I've successfully done this in ONE record to plot the appointment time and duration into a graphical repeating field that looks like this...

If(TIMES - Extend(Appointment Time) = 0 or TIMES - Extend(one hour from app) = 0 or TIMES - Extend(one half hour from app) = 0 or TIMES - Extend(two hour from app) = 0,Extend(SCHEDULER), "")

SCHEDULER is a container field that looks up what colour to use depending on whether it's a BOOKING, WAITING, WITH DOCTOR or DOCTOR DAY OFF.

It's SUMMING a list of times in a portal and getting it to display it in the relevant box so that it no longer looks like a list but looks like it can be displayed in blocks of time.

Please help - I know I'm a pain but, I'm sure it's such a simple thing and if not, should be..

Cheers once again

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This topic is 6541 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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