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Database Fails Recovery in Filmaker 19 but Passes Recovery in Filemaker 18

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I recently upgraded to FM Server 19 and FM 19 from FM 18.
I didn't have any immediate reason of concern to run a Recovery, but I periodically run Recovery on backups to check if there's anything to be worried about.
The database failed the Recovery process in Filemaker 19.4 but it passed it in Filemaker
In the Filemaker 19 recovery logs I identified two old functions that were no longer in use that caused the Recovery failure, deleted them and then the DB successfully passed Recovery in Filemaker 19. 
I went back and tested several backups from the last 12 months and found the same issue: the backups passed recovery with no issues in 18, but failed in 19 with the same 2 functions being the issue. So unfortunately, reverting to a backup is not an option.
Any thoughts on why the DB passed Recovery in 18 but not in 19? The database seems to be functioning normally as of now. Is there anything I should be concerned about?
EDIT: added some additional information above
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additional information
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