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Genrating Programming Code with Filemaker


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We created a FM database for the purposes of converting Exchange/outlook and Quickmail users over to FirstClass - specifically converting their address books. The database generates seemingly perfect syntax and even generates perfect looking entries in the FirstClass Address Book. However, when you try to use an address created by the Filemaker DB, the address does not function, ie We get an error claiming that there is no match in the directory.

Yet when you manually type out the same command and process it, the address works as expected. Is there something unusual about the way Filemaker generates quotation marks quotes or some hidden ASCII characters ? Any help is greatly appreciated as several sales hinge on our being able to perform conversions.

Below you will find the command as it is generated by FileMaker. The "tu'" is our test user account. if you were to copy and paste this string, it will not funtion properly and yet it appears to be perfect. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

NEW desktop tu "address book" "Shawn Cuddy" "" formdoc 23004 -1 -1 105

PUT desktop tu "address book:Shawn Cuddy" 4 0 "[email protected]"

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This topic is 7709 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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