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Answer: Importing data that doesn't have a format!


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First of all, I have to give the credit to a fellow forum member, amccallum who came up with this particular solution. This idea is helpful to those that would like to import information from documents without any kind of real formatting.(Example: Simpletext and Notepad).

First create a parsing database. Just open up a new database and create a text field that the info from the document that you want parsed into a database will be pasted into. Copy the document and paste it into the text box of the parsing database. Once you have descided what info you want from that document into a formal database, create calculation fields that will contain the desired data. Use the Trim(Middle(Parsing field text box name, Position(...)))in conjuction with other text functions as it applies to islolate the data in the document. Then the data can be imported into other databases if required.

This was helpful to me in the case that I regularly receive documents in a standard stationary pads like simpletext and the address of the person who sent it is always in the same spot though it is not comma nor tab delimited.

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This topic is 7702 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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