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troubles with images after Mac->PC transfer..

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Hi folks,

I'm new and green so, please, be kind about my lack of knowledge.

I am trying to help a friend who has a FM 3.0 database of art works. The DB was created some time ago by another person (now unavailible). It was created on MAC using 3.0.

I have to get it working on a PC with 3.0, all is fine really, data is there and goes in proper order etc. Almost all of the image will not appear though... 3 will (out of 300). Numbers 15, 170 and 300, the large images show up? There are three sizes, thumbnail, regular and large. All of the image files appear to be there in subdirs. The files types are:

thumbnail = .tmb

regular = .reg

large = .lrg

These file extensions were there in the MAC files (makes me wonder if it was originally made on a PC?). The extention for regular worries me, as it is *.reg and Win98/2000 could mistake it for a registry.

The data base shows the names of the images in the places on the page where they should go.

Anyhow, my question is simply, does anyone have an idea of how to get the other images to appear? I can't view them with other image viewing programs that I've tried, not even the ones that will pop up (at first I thought they might be corrupted). I'm guessing that FM 3.0 for Win just doesn't realize that those files are there.... but then how come the three that is can see?: The images are in subdirs, arranged as they were in the MAC version (which, for the record will show all the images).

THANKS very very muchly for any and all help!!!


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I suspect that the file extensions are purely arbitrary, because I don't know of any graphics formats that use them. You will probably have to go back to the Mac version and find out what format these are and then convert if necessary, and correct the file extensions.

As to why three of the graphics show up correctly, my guess is that those 3 have accidentally had the actual graphic saved in the database rather than just the file reference.

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This topic is 7628 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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