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troubles with styled text


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hi there!

annoyingly, in fm3 it does not seem to be possible to export text fields properly, when they are formatted using formatting options from the format/text/style menu.

in my case this means that there are lots of fields that originally were entered all in caps and afterwards edited using the style menu.

it is not possible to export this edited text. even when the export option "export as in actual layout" is used, the result is again all in caps.

has anybody got an idea? i would be very glad, because there is lots of data... ;-(


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it's been so long since I have actually seen a FIleMAker Pro 3 file that I am not sure what "edited using the style menu" actually means. It could mean that you're only affecting the appearance of the data in the fields as displayed on the layout, not actually changing that data style parameters.

Bsically, FileMaker Pro per se really doesn't deal with styled text as an export. If you are using the AMc OS and if you have a text editor that supports styled text you can use Apple Events to move the data from FileMAker Pro to the text editor and retain the style parameters.

RTF might also be a possibility, but DTP is really not an area that I have much expertise in working.

Old Advance Man

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FileMaker is not able to export text attributes. If you want to change the text from upper to lowercase, you can use the Lower() function in a calc field or the Replace command. If the text fields have sentences, and you want to have the first letter of each sentence uppercase, it may get a bit tricky. Have a look at the available text functions.

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This topic is 7248 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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