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Changing value list contents

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I have a single file called driver_cards. There is one field in the file named "driverName". In one layout I have the field setup for manual entry. In another layout I have the field formatted as a drop-down list pulling from a value list called "Driver Names". The value list is pulling from the field "driverName" without a relationship.

The problem is that in the drop-down menu the last entry keeps deleting itself and I have no idea why. Clicking on the last item deletes the value.

Here's what I'd like to accomplish. I would like a file that lets me create 'customized' business cards. I would like to add names to a list and then be able to choose a specific name and print a set of cards with that name. I thought this would be fairly simple, but something isn't working.

Any ideas, suggestions, or help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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Have you tried using two fields.

DriverName1 that is a text field.

DriverName2 that is a text field that is a value list from DriverName1 field.

These would appear on their respective layouts.

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