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Still Stuck!! Interesting Challenge

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Possibly I have found a limitation with FileMaker but would not like to give up yet so if you have any further ideas please let me know. I have tried most everything.

Problem: I have 8.5 X 11 sheets that are perforated and divided into thirds. Does Filemaker have the capacity to divide a page into thirds treating each third as a distinct page without printing on the first third and then skipping the next two thirds before printing again? If so how?

It was suggested that I do a custom label set-up. The problem with labels is that they will print only one record (occcurance) per label. I need to be able to print ten records (occurances) per label and have it split if the occurances run over ten and print the remaining on the next third on the page. With the leading and trailing subsummaries, I am able to get the data base to print 10 occurances on the first third of a page however, if there are fifteen total the remaining five are printed on the first third of the next page and not the second third of the first page thus wasting the second and third portions of the sheet. The question is: How do I get it to print on the next third of the same page? Or is the software simply not capable of doing this little feat. Microsoft has a feature built in to accomplish this but I am not able to find a workaround to accomplish it. Thank you for your assistance.

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Thanks for the suggestion Zupper ZZ; however, my page set-up does not permit me to define a page as 1/3 of 8.5 x 11. It would have made it easy if I could. That is why I was looking for something in FileMaker like I have seen in MicroSoft.

I am still open to suggestions.

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Just a thought....

try messing around with a portal. You can set a page (8 1/2 X 11) and put a portal displaying 10 records on the first third, with the relation being something like "file1 tongue.gifagenumber = file2 tongue.gifagenumber" and then script something to find and sort records how you want them to print and use 3 fields

recordcount (number)

pagenumber (number)

globalpage (global number)

set record count "1"

set pagenumber "1"

set globalpage "1"

first record


if "recordcount >globalpage X 10 ((for 10 records)) set globalpage (globalpage+1)

end if

set pagenumber, (globalpage)

go to next record

set recordcount, (recordcount + 1)

end loop

sorry about the shoddy scripting vocab, but I think you get the idea. Just might work

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Good suggestion Yossarian (great minds think alike). I would suggest trying something a bit simpler: use a label setup, three colums. The body of the label takes up the whole length of the page, but contains just a portal that has ten rows.

You will need to do some fancy script work to get the remainder of the labels to print in the other columns.

Then again... forget the label layout. Use a full page with three portals on it. Now you just have to use calc fields to get the right records to relate to the desires portal.

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This topic is 7941 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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