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Export script missbehaving

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Got a bug that's driving me over the edge. Hope someone can help.

I've got a script that exports data to a Word file called Master Products.tab. Whenever this script is executed I want Master Products.tab to be created on my desktop but for some damned reason it keeps getting created in a special folder I used to test this script when I first created it. What really determines the destination of an export? When I specify the desk top as the destination in the script editor, the stupid script still puts Master Products.tab in the folder instead. Does the Restore option have something to do with this?

Are export destinations somehow stored along with export orders in scripts?

The really crazy thing is that this was working find for the first couple of days then all the sudden it switched back to using the folder instead of the desktop and now I can't get to behave any other way!!! Aaaaarrrggggh!

(Pardon me. I've been working very hard.)

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Yes, the location and name of the file being exported is saved in the export order.

Run your script. Then do a manual export using the last export order, and when you're asked where to save your file, navigate to where you want it.

Go into your script, open it up, click OK, and in the dialog box that asks if you want to keep or replace the export order, click replace and then click OK.


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This topic is 8025 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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