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Go to a find result, but records after appear?

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In editing my db, I have realized I am missing an important feature. The db is for entering info. There is a name for the information, a category, page # and item # on that page. In editing, I'm finding it would be really good to have a "Go to record" type feature but that deals with the data in one of the fields, the page #.

Currently, sure I can do a find for the page # but that limits me to bringing up only that page (or if more than one item on it, several records corresponding to it).

The reason the above is important is that we reach a certain page # when editing. After coming back after an absence, one is further ahead so it would be nice to start after page number "X", whatever we left off at and continue on from there.

Trouble with using the "Go to record ..." function is that there can be several entries on one page. So say page #42 has 5 entries; it's hard to guess what record(s) correspond to the page/entry we're looking for. And even when we do, we cannot continue without finding all the records and then we're right back to the problem of navigating to last page dealt with.

Thanks and any help appreciated with being able to go to any page # and then continuing editing from there. smirk.gif

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This topic is 7573 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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