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Trouble merging two databases for gradebook

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You should probably create a third "join" file. This file would be your gradebook. In that file, each record will represent a single instance of one student for one lesson. So, there will be a lot of records in this file (but they will be relatively small and can be generated automatically by script). The fields in this file can then hold information for the student's performance in the lesson. This join file will have relationships back to both of your existing files.

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This is the thinking I had, too. But I haven't found the key to making that script yet (any ideas?) Also, with a join file full of single item records, would I be able to generate a listed layout where all students would appear for a single assignment (so I can tab through to enter scores)? That's where I'm stuck.

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I do exactly what you're describing, for college-level student records. Here's my setup:

Students.fp5 -- contains basic info, but no grades except calculated summaries based on relation

Assignments.fp5 -- (your 'lessons'), describes assignment (pts possible, date due, etc.)

Submissions.fp5 -- joins students to assignments, records grade, feedback comments, etc.

(I also have courses.fp5 -- overview of course parameters, portals to its students and assignments, etc.)

What you need in order to work efficiently with your new join file is PORTALS. You can actually create portals from both directions: from students file, see all submissions by that student. From lessons file, see all submissions for that lesson/assignment. Make sure when you define the relations that you check the "Allow creation of new records" capability. Then, using the portal from the "lessons" database, you can add records for submissions by each student just by clicking/tabbing through, using drop-down menus with value list for students enrolled in the relevant class.

In my case, many assignments are options, so I don't automatically want entry rows for every student for every assignment. If you do want to do that, it does seem you could make a script that would go through a loop of creating join records for each. But with drop-down value lists, I find that I can enter grades and comments in the portal, in whatever order the papers happen to be in, just tabbing through and typing the first couple letters of name, return to accept and move on, and it's no hassle...

If you have more questions in the process of setting it up, perhaps I can help... For kicks, you might want to check out my website with ERD for teaching databases.

E Springer, Connecticut

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This topic is 7561 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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