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calculation to to place an image into a container

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hi there,

been a while. i have an field call edges. this field has a value list that lists edges 1 to 10. i want to pick and edge and then have the image of that edge come up into another field that is a container. i know that i can do it with a script but i have a problem asking it to do more than one edge.

if (edge="edge 1")

go to field(edge_image)

load picture(edge-1.jpg)


go to field(edge_image)

load picture(edge-default.jpg)

end if

ok that is going from memory. i know that works but i want to be able to to list all the edges in the script.. like



and so on.

any help. i haven't used fm in awhile so i am rusty.



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I take it you have a database of images including your edges, where each record has a text label and a container field for the image itself? Then, you can call up images based on a relationship between labels in your primary database and labels in that images database.

Why not have a calculation (rather than a script), where the calculation has a container-style result?

The way I do it is that my primary database includes fields:

ImageLabel (text field)

Image (calc field, calculation result is: container)??? images.fp5::image

I suspect I don't follow your problem... were you trying to have all the different edge images appear in the SAME container field? Why not have multiple fields for your edges (you have four edges?), and then have four oblong container fields shaped on a layout to show the four edge positions?

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This topic is 7551 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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