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This is my first post and I'm a newbie with File Maker Pro. I've been working on a relational database between Teachers, Faculty, Staff and Events that they have attended.

So, I want the Events DB to list all of the Teachers, Faculty, etc that have attended each event. Vice versa, I'd like the Teacher, Faculty, etc DBs to list the events that each person attended.

What I'm having trouble with is adding and deleting people and events. For example, if I add a teacher to the Teacher DB with a NEW event, I want that event to be added to the Events DB and if I'm in the Events DB, I want to add a teacher to the list and have a new record pop up in the Teachers DB. Also, if I remove a teacher from a list, I don't want that teacher deleted from the Teachers DB.

I'm attaching a zip file with clones of the Events and Teacher databases.

I would really appreciate the help. Thank you.

Relationship Trouble.zip

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OK, I think I see your problem. The problem is that the two databases are working at cross purposes. From the teachers' side, you were trying to add events via creation of portal rows to the events file (getting the events database to add the teachers' names, which it has no place to do). From the events side, you were trying to add teachers (etc.) via creation of portal rows to the teachers' file (getting the teachers DB to add the event names). The information about who goes where has to RESIDE in one of the databases, and you've made each try to put it in the other.

Notice you did create a repeating field "events" within the teachers DB's main layout. Yet your layout doesn't use that field anywhere; intsead you made a portal to rows in the events DB. So: On the teachers' DB's main layout, Replace that events portal with the "events" field (let it show all 10 repetitions), and your relationships will work (I just tried it, and I've gotten both directions to work now).

Also, change your "events" value list (in the Teachers' file) from a rigid list ("Event 1, Event 2," etc.) to a flexible list showing exactly whatever values are showing up in the "event name" field within the "events" database. That way, new events will automatically show up as things you can enter...

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This topic is 7562 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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