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Hiding No Access Records


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Hi all

Using FM Dev 5.5 and serving the files from FM Server 5.5 with users using a mix of FM 5.5 and FM 6 - all on Windows (2000 and XP)

OK I have a solution that has ten security levels, each user is provided a security level and each record as it is created is given an appropriate security level based on a few criteria built into the system. When the user accesses the system I have a Global check fiel that stores that users access level and all seems to work fine.

My access levels work from 1 being full access to 10 being very limited access

Now the issue I have is that lets say a user has access level 5, which means they cannot view any records with a level of 4 or lower, opens the system or does a search many records come up as <No Access> - which is good, but there are many if you are at even a higher level. Now I want to hide the <No Access> records from the users.

I have set up a script to check the security level of the user and remove the records from view that are of a lower security level than what they have, and this works fine. This is done by having a common script that will do a find on the users security level on every single action they take to ensure they only see the records they are allowed to. Now this works fine and dandie but I would assume as the database gets large, it will greatly slow the system down as it will be doing a search on every action for every user - the DB (in testing) only has 500 records, but the old system when imported will gve the DB over 300,000 records.

So my dilemma is that is there any other solutons to hiding <No Access> records, are relationshps better, will this work - I'm open to any and all ideas.


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i have been searching the forum for a couple of hours now trying to solve the same problem. my issue is a single user database that now has multiple users. i totally get setting up the passwords and edit priveledges etc. i simply want to hide the "<no access>" records from view, without re-writing every script, button, layout etc to do a find based on a global username or value. i have 30 differnt sort buttons spread across 15 layouts, they become nonsense with 475 "no access" records out of 500.

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This topic is 7454 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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