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coloured records


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No need for a script. Make a calculation field in the related file that uses a Case function to select the desired background colour. The background colours themselves need to be coloured images in container fields (one of the few instances where repeating fields are very useful).

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There are lots of ideas here about this and related things. You might be able to search for some of them...

I started typing, and Vaught beat me ; ) but I'd say if you have various people that you're color-coding, set up (if you don't already have) a file with one record for each person. Add a container field to hold a swatch of each person's color. You should paste the smallest possible swatch so as not to waste memory and processing time, since FileMaker can auto-stretch a graphic.

Then set up a relation between each main record and the record corresponding to the person in question. Now you can put the field with the color swatch into any records that tap this relationship. To use the swatch behind a portal row, you'll actually want to use a calc field in the file that's shown in the portal. So, if your portal shows visits by these various people, have each visit record use the relationship to fill a calc field (container type) with the color swatch.

To fill the row with the color swatch, make sure to stretch the container field to fill the whole area, use the Format>Graphic menu to tell the field to reduce/enlarge to fill available area, without maintaining original proportions, and send the field to the back layer.

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This topic is 7498 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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